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Agency teams are an extension of your own. They are your team!

Seven points to consider when dealing with agency teams.

1. Communicate clearly: Communicate your goals, objectives, and expectations for the event to the agency team. This will help them understand your needs and provide the best service possible. 2. Establish a point of contact: Have a designated point of contact within your organization to work with the agency team. This will ensure that communication is streamlined and efficient. 3. Be open to suggestions: The agency team may have valuable experience and expertise that can help improve your event. Be open to their suggestions and consider them carefully. 4. Provide feedback: Give constructive feedback on the agency team's work and provide them with the necessary information to make necessary adjustments. 5. Be realistic: Set realistic expectations for the event and be aware of unforeseen challenges. The agency team will work to overcome them, but be prepared to be flexible. 6. Be responsive: Respond to the agency team's requests and queries promptly. This will help keep the project moving forward. 7. Show appreciation: Show appreciation for the agency team's hard work and dedication. This will help to build a positive working relationship and ensure that the agency team is motivated to deliver the best results for your event.



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